—— According to a note left by my pillow, ‘we’ had fun last night. I’m in a strangers house and my head hurts.

Were you drinking? 

Yeah I actually was drinking. Got a problem with that, Urban?


Then go to Canada and get some maple syrup! Get another cat! Do why makes you happy!

You need to stop worrying about what Keith is doing. Just ignore him and everything related to him.

Okay, maybe I will do those things. 

i know I need to, Ashton.. It’s just really hard to do that. It’s hard knowing that he’s happy with someone else. I am trying to ignore him, but somedays it’s just harder than others. 


It’ll help your headache, love.

He probably left to go to work or get breakfast or something. It’d be even more awkward if he had stayed and you woke up next to him.

Is there like a smoothie or something that would help? 

Yeah… I guess you do have a point there. Not really sure what I would do if I were next to him.. 


Yeah like under cooked hashbrowns and over cooked breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds. 

Hey, it’s no problem. The first one night stand is always the hardest. 

I’m not really that hungry… 

Yeah, i can see that. Where did this guy even go? I’m like all alone in his house. It is so weird… 


Taylor you sound like an old lady. Live for once! Do something crazy like, go to canada because you like maple syrup! Something like that!

You regret last night because what you did wasn’t you at all. Do stuff to make you happy that you like to do.

I love maple syrup! I do want another cat.. 

I guess alcohol has never really been my thing. I don’t know, Luke and I came up with the idea and Keith went to Paris with another girl and I lashed out… 


Greasy food, gatorade and pain killers work wonders on a hangover. Lucky for you, I got some stuff for you. I’m almost to his house.

Greasy food? …. 

You are amazing, Luke. Thank you so much. I feel so awkward here 


Taylor you do now understand what fun is. Making lists is for people are 75 and forget shit. Life is about having fun and doing what makes you happy and making mistakes.

I make quilts sometimes and watch Law and order. That’s a lot of fun…

i made a mistake last night… 


Taylor. Life is about having fun and doing whatever you want. Like one day I woke up and was like ‘I wanna move to LA’ so I did! It’s shit like that that makes life worth living.

… I don’t know, Ashton. I feel like I’m trying to find myself all over again. Making lists makes life fun.. 


Just make better decisions. If you’re going to get drunk do it because you wanna have fun. And if you’re going to hook up with someone do it because you want to, not because you want to prove a point to someone or whatever. Just stop worrying about Keith and do whatever you want. 

I’m not that kind of person who just does whatever she wants. I make lists. I plan. I organize.. 


Yeah, it’s her choice. But if she’s just doing it to make Keith jealous or whatever, then she’s doing it for the wrong reasons and she’s going to end up hating herself. I get drunk and hook up with girls because it’s tun and I’m not ready for a relationship, just like the girls I hook up with. i don’t do it to get back at someone that hurt me or to make my ex jealous. I do it because that’s who I am. Getting drunk and hooking up with people is natural to me, I don’t need someone to go out with me and babysit me to make sure I don’t get drugged or raped. Being a hypocrite is when you do the same thing as someone and then criticize them for it. When it comes to getting drunk and hooking up with people Taylor and I are certainly not doing the same thing so I’m not hypocrite. 

I’m sorry….